Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Shout To: YoungKingz12 / THE MAJOR / T23rios & 1hesia1

For one the homie got me a copy of that new Swizz Beat's album! Which I can't wait to listen to. I am going to go buy a copy (REALLY I AM) just to support SWIZZY, because everything I have heard so far (THANKS TO YOU LEAKERS) is SMASHING!

Peep the tracklisting:
1) Product Man
2) It's Me Snitches
3) Big Munny
4) Bust Ya Gunz ft. Dragon
5) You Know Your Boy Did That
6) The Funeral
7) Take A Picture
8) Top Down
9) Money In The Bank
10)Part of the Plan ft. Coldplay
11)Snoop Skit
12)It's Me Snitches(Remix) ft. Lil Wayne & R.Kelly

I also have to say thank you to YOUNGKINGZ12, and The MAJOR for supporting BLACK COTTON, & posting there song SO LAVISH (Which is on AllHipHop.com HERE).
These cat's are the next to BLOW out of SAN DIEGO CALI. I get emails everyday from people that are thanking them for doing music, loving the fact that they are hip hop, how they are not like the rest of the BS out! I know of 2 A&R's that are looking at them right now....(DAMN I WISH I COULD SAY WHO THEY ARE!) But it's only a matter of time before they are on TRL!

Last shout to T23rios & 1hesia1, for posting my 10min 50 Cent - Get Money Remix on their blog, keep it fresh and new but HOT you two!

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