Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Download: Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne - Barry Bonds

Ok on Monday night playing basketball, I came down on my right leg VERY Wrong and injured myself (Sprained my knee.) Damn it hurt like a bia bia, although its slowly getting better. Therefore, hince the reason I have not posted a lot of music on here. However, I had to take the time out to post this BECAUSE I KNEW for 1 yall would love it, and 2 couldn't believe Dwayne and Kanye are on the same track. It's not listed on the tracklisting I posted a week ago. BUT IT WILL BE ON THE ALBUM! LISTEN HERE!

Note: Shout to Mickey Factz (1st Verse Kanye says KONICHIE WA (misspelled I no) B!TCHES, Factz was the first I ever heard say that.) I will also introduce him to you all because, he is next to blow!

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