Thursday, August 9, 2007

JustN: Kanye West "Graduation" Official Cover

Well here it is folks, finaly after all the fakes! (What do you think, leave a comment.)

Tracklist below.

1. Good Morning
2. Homecoming (Featuring Chris Martin)
3. Stronger
4. Champion
5. Good Life (Featuring T-Pain)
6. I Wonder
7. Even More Broke Phi Broke (Skit)
8. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
9. Drunk and Hot Girls (Featuring Mos Def)
10. Evrything I Am (Scratches By DJ Priemier)
11.Good Night (Featuring Mos Def & Al Be)
12. Big Brother
13. Graduation (Skit)
14. The Glory
15. CRS (Featuring Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell) [Pre-Order Only]

1 comment:

LadyShay said...

I'm not feelin the cover, but I'm buying it for the muzak, AND the fact that this might be my one chance to take down 1/2 a dolla hoe:)