Thursday, June 28, 2007

JustN: T.I. $#%*! on Tony Yayo @ BET AWARDS

This is kinda funny LOL! Click Here To See!

JustN: "Andre 3Stacks" Dropping A Soundtrack


Class of 3000 Theme Song (Real,Win)
Oh Peanut(Real, Win)

New York, NY – The music from the critically praised animated series Class of 3000 has jumped from the TV into your home. Executive produced by AndrĂ© “3000” Benjamin the soundtrack Class of 3000: Music Volume One will be in-stores July 3, 2007.

OK, to all you baby daddies & baby mommas, yall can finally turn off them 50 cent raps and play some hip hop around your children.

Watch: Beyonce Swagger Jacking from Kylie Minogue?

Both of them look very simular huh?

Beyonce Swagger Jacks Kylie Minogue
Uploaded by apartment3b

JustN: 50 Cent Dating Ciara

I don't know if you know but, the rumor has been going around for a while that 50 is now dating Ce Ce, well here is a pic of them all hugged up on the set of CeCi's new video of "Can’t Leave Em Alone."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Watch: Err'Body On D (360 on dat hoe)

Shout to the big homie DJ Quest and Darquan out in LEE COUNTY. Keep doing ya thing my boy! THIS WAS THE FUNNIEST $#%@! I have ever seen! I LOVE IT! (From now on when I am on the court balling with Rudy, Big Tone, Leo-Nard & Slice, Imma tell them to get ya @#$ back on D! "Err'Body On D!)

Watch: Soulja Boy - Crank Dat (HOW TO)

THIS IS THE NEXT SONG TO BLOW! (Remember where you heard it first)

Can't Wait to SUPER MAN THAT WHOE!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE IT, this is the next BIG SIMPLE SONG HIT! Watch this ARTIST get sign it's because they made this blog.


Watch: 50 Cent "Forget His Lyrics LIVE"

WOW, if this wasn't the worst thing EVER! So this is the longest STALL ever. Yayo nor 50 new what to do. WOW!

Watch: T.I.P. Rap City Freestyle (6/26/07)

Watch: Kanye West - Stronger (VIDEO)

Shout to the Goonettes they love this joint!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Watch: Kimbo Slice vs Ray Mercer +BONUS VIDs

Shout out to the homie Leo-Nardo who been asking me all weekend about this damn FIGHT! Here you finally got it. You better watch it before youtube DELETE IT! I DID! (And say thanks in the chatroom $#%^#!)

Why did YOUTUBE delete it 30 mins after I said that. To BAD I AM THE "KING OF THE INTERNET!"

**Note: I would woop SLICES' @#$!*


"I can do 2 N!@....2 dude's in one day!" Lol you can't take the hood out of him! That's MIA cockiness all day. I LOVE 305!

Kimbo VS Renoi

Ray vs Jorge 2



JustN: Garcelle Beauvais Playboy COVER

We told you a few days ago Garcelle Beauvais was going to cover Playboy and here it goes folks.
Coming after Robin Givens and Stacy Dash, Playboy is now the official “I give up” for Black actresses.

To bad those Jamie Foxx re-run checks aren't cuttin-it.

Watch: Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry on Their Own

Watch: Kanye West & John Mayer - Bittersweet

Being the first site to have Kanye West feat. John Mayer - Bittersweet we should have noted that this leaked song is not final, not mastered, and is unlikely to be make any future album.

And for those who still haven’t seen it, you can see the making of this song in this (very old) video:

JustN: WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit Found Dead With Family

Police: WWE Wrestler Benoit Found Hanged, Wife Strangled, Child Smothered

ATLANTA (AP) -- A law enforcement official close to the investigation tells The Associated Press that pro wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife and smothered his son before hanging himself in his weight room. Watch The Story Here!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Jimbo Slice's "Just A Slice" #1

Jimbo Slice's "Just A Slice" #1
Welcome to the first edition/entry/blog of “Just a Slice.” Let’s see how long this lasts.
In this blog I plan to chronicle the ups and downs, the trail and tribulations, the nitty and the gritty (What the hell is a ‘Nitty’) of Black Cotton. I also plan to sprinkle in commentary on the happenings of current pop culture, all for your reading pleasure. Mark Twain said “The Man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them,” so here’s my disclaimer: You won’t gain any advantage from this blog, you may even leave here dumber than when you found it. I’ve warned you, enjoy. (Trey Peezy, who’s gonna read this shit!?) Shout out to those who were at Dream Street last night (6/21) to support local music. BC had a dope performance. I know because everyone said so! (Flattery doesn’t hurt if you don’t swallow it.) Why is it that artists trying to get in this industry have problems giving other artists props for a dope show, but if the show was wack, they’d be dapping us for a good set? I guess it’s the nature of the beast to want your competition to fail. We didn’t fail last night, though. We came out and killed it! We started off a little rocky at the 6 ‘O’ Clock sound check. Strong Man forgot to bring the show CD to the sound check, so we sat there with our thumb up our asses (no homo) and had to use an old show CD of outdated songs we don’t perform anymore. So after our bunk-ass sound check we went to Sweets’ house (Marre-L’s Grandma) to argue and finger point as to whose fault it was and who’s not doing this and that. LeoNardo suggested that we get a pair of BC boxing gloves to settle disputes. As much as this group argues we’d end up looking like a gotdamn Halloween costume contest on stage. I see it now, me performing with a pack of frozen peas strapped to my cheek, Nardo with a raw rib eye del Monico taped to his eye, Strong would have his head wrapped like an Egyptian mummy and wouldn’t be able to remember his lyrics because he was concussed (err), Marre-L wouldn’t be able to do his R&B ballads ‘cause his soup coolers would resemble split sausages (One in a million) and our manager TP would have his Jewish-sized snot box stuffed with gauze like he just had rhinoplasty done … Boxing gloves are out of the question! Any ways, we should be used to the obstacles by now. Something happens before every show, whether it be rain, during our first show or not having a show cd. Mario Andretti said, “If everything’s under control, you are going too slow.” If that’s the case … we’re doing mach-5! But I love this group and wouldn’t want to chase this dream with any other motley crew.
Special shout out to Big Tone, Tall Dee and Tall Candy (I gotta put on Prince shoes when I hang with y’all) and Lucy at the Red Circle, whose breath was kickin’ like Mr. Miyagi from one too many Adios Mofos. Go head girl, with yo’ blue tongue!

Joke of the Day comes from the legendary comedian Paul Mooney (Go rent his new stand-up special “Jesus was black”)
This black lady finds a magic lamp, rubs it and out pops a genie. The genie says, “You get two wishes.” The black lady asks, “I thought I’m supposed to get three?”

Genie: “You’re a nigga, you get two, hurry up!”

Black Lady:
“My first wish … I want you to build a bridge from L.A. to Africa so I can walk over there every time these white folks get on my nerves!”

“I’m a genie, not God! You wasted your first wish, what’s your second?”

Black Lady:
Well, I wish that all black folks and all white folks had equal rights.”

“You want that bridge made of cement or wood?”

Download: Messy Marv ft. Mitchy Slick & Yukmouth - On The One

I am loving this beat on this joint. LISTEN HERE!

NOTE: I had that beat almost A YEAR AGO THOUGH, I wonder if they stole it from J Stalin - What I See (HOPE SOMEONE GOT PAID FOR IT!)

Download: Rell Dert ft. Kafani- Ready Set Go

I have mixed feels on this Rell Dirt joint. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Mike Jones ft. Letoya Luckett - Bonnie & Clyde

When was the last time you heard: "Who? MIKE JONES!" Well his album will probably be horrible, but here is something you may want to waste your bandwith on. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Freekey Zekey ft. Lil Wayne & Jha Jha - Beat Without Bass

Dwayne Jr. (Weezy) is on everything even a "Beat Without Bass." LISTEN HERE!
Lil Wayne Is Definitely Going @ Jay-Z On This Track
You Old Ass Rappers Better Stay On Tour
You Like 44, I Got A 44, I’m 24
I Can Murk You & Come Home When I’m 44

Download: T.I. ft. Young Jeezy - Dope Man +BONUS TRACK

Mannie Fresh produce's "Dope Man" with Jeezy and CLIFFORD! LISTEN HERE!

T.I. ft. Alphamega & Busta Rhymes - Hurt (Produced by Danja)

Download: Papoose - Support System

Papoose is so WACKPOOSE Wack-Poose, but I know someone may download this! ENJOY! LISTEN HERE!

Download: Cham - Conscience

Shout out all my REGGAE LOVERS. Here is one from the big homie BABY Cham. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Peedi Crakk - Crakk Files Pt 3 (Hosted By DJ Ant Live)

I have been listening to this MIXTAPE for a week. PEEDI is SPITTING! PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE HIM DISTRIBUTION! Listen to number 8 as a sample! WOW! Shout out to NORTH PHILTY, Hemberger & Alagany WHAT UP!

01 : Intro Ft Porta Rich 01:33
02 : Please Get Off My Dick Ft S Dot 02:33
03 : Aka Peedi Peedi 01:19
04 : We Got Crakk Ft Kwame 01:26
05 : Sun Dont Shine 01:41
06 : Give It To Me Sugar Ft Sparks 01:50
07 : Brand New Funk Ft DJ Jazzy Jeff 01:58
08 : My Gun 01:52 <------ Just a Sample!!!!!!
09 : Get My Money 02:51
10 : Dnt Stop Ft Mz Jerzee 01:49
11 : Fuck Them Muthafucka Ft Don P and Warbucks 03:37
12 : So Sweet 01:02
13 : Push It Faster 01:27
14 : Hoes 01:33
15 : Why Did Crakk Have 2 Hit So Hard 02:13
16 : 48 Laws 01:51
17 : Freestyle 01:26
18 : Dont Draw 03:06
19 : Ooh Yeah 02:03
20 : Long Time Ft The Roots 01:14
21 : Outta Control Ft Sparks 00:43
22 : Rap It Up 02:09
23 : Warning Ft Mike Knoxx 01:50
24 : Kocj em Out Da Box 01:10
25 : Smile For Me 01:01
26 : Number 1 02:00
27 : Ill Murda Ya 02:10
28 : Freestyle 01:19
29 : Get Set 03:02
30 : Shiu aint Never Gonna Change Ft M.O.R 04:38
31 : Seen It All 01:07
32 : Dont Fuck Wit Me 01:24
33 : What Up Ft Young Gunz and Pooda Brown 02:05
34 : Same Ol G 00:45
35 : Niggas Talkin Ft S Dot 01:24
36 : Move Over Ft Ryan Banks 02:45
37 : Lose Ya Mind 02:28
38 : It Aint My Fault 01:08
39 : Sexy Love 00:51
40 : Freestyle 00:49
41 : Put It On Everything Ft Young Steff and Freeway 01:47
42 : Take Me Home Ft Meagan Rochelle 02:12
43 : Outro 00:14
44 : Bridge To Bridge Ft Punch The Camden Kid and Oschino (Bonus Track) 02:24

Watch: Clifford vs. Cliff

JustN: 50 Cent's Baby Momma Drama

It’s a point the mother of his ten-year-old child is making in a Long Island family court, which could decide to send 50 Cent’s child support and alimony payments soaring.
The hip-hop mogul rolled up to the courthouse yesterday in an armored SUV equipped with a satellite dish. Right now, he’s paying $25,000 a month to the mother of his ten-year-old son. But the boy’s mother says that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the tens of millions of dollars 50 Cent is worth. (Source)

Watch: Ryan Leslie Makes "Sometimes" for Cassie

First off shout out to the HOMIE MAJOR, thanks for passing threw and CHATTING (Everyone start commenting and chatting in the room PEOPLE, Nardo did, I made the room bigger so the people can speak!)

Now, on to RL. This dude is one of the dopest producers out. I love to catch video of this cat. I get so inspired, I just want to run home to my MOTIF to bad I don't have enough time in the day to do what it is I really want to do! (Marre-l step ya game up. When am I going to VIDEO tape you cooking up them hits you bake? Stop playing!)

Also, now I see where DIDDY get's his moves from! They dance just alike. LOL!

Download: Don Cannon presents Freeway: Live Free, Die Hard

1. Live Free Die Hard (The Opener) Feat Jae Ellis
2. Big Spender Feat Jay-Z
3. Freezer So Cold
4. Money In The Bank
5. Smoken That
6. Code Of The Streets
7. You Don't Know Feat Mad Skillz
8. Make It Better
9. Buck Town (Home Of Philly)
10. Animal Instinct
11. Wipe Me Down Remix Feat UGK & Foxxx
12. You Already Know
13. Track Star
14. Philly To Wherever
15. Suck Me Off
16. We Want Freeway(Produced By Shane Boogs)
17. Think It Over
18. Y'all Still Hate Me Now Feat Small World & Sun NY
19. Hit The Club Up Feat Jak Frost
20. Rocafella Family
21. Magazines
22. Life of a Philly Gangsta
23. True Honey Buns
24. Polictics 2007

Download: N.O.R.E & Green Lantern - Cocaine on Steroids

1. "Cocaine On Steroids (Intro)"
2. "Ima Get You" (f/ Kanye West)
3. "That Club Shit" (f/ Three 6 Mafia)
4. "Cocaine Cowboys"
5. "The Rap Game"
6. "Under The Bus" (f/ Kurupt & Jadakiss)
7. "Shame On You"
8. "Eat Pussy"
9. "N.O.R.E. Snoring Album Interlude"
10. "Drink Champ" (produced by The Alchemist)11. "Unda Pressure"
12. "We Them" (f/ David Banner)
13. "One Blood (Freestyle)"
14. "Suicide Bombers"
15. "We Takin Over (Freestyle)"
16. "Gave Her That" (f/ Garcia)
17. "Get It Shorty (Remix)" (f/ Lloyd)
18. "Go In"19. "Green Light" (f/ Militainment)
20. "Flippin’ That (Remix)" (f/ Nina Sky & Rick Ross)


JustN: Funk Flex Car Show (NO CARS NEEDED)

LOL, who said you need cars at a CAR SHOW? (Fellas enjoy, but I know you will!)

Well at the Funk Flex Car Show over the weekend. KingMagazine had a Model Search! You like to see it, well hear it goes!


MyOpin-Yon: Orange Juice

Shout to the homie 5if! He hate's it when I say! OJ DID IT!

Damn near 15 years later!

JustN: Jay-Z 'Cussed Out' BFF Larry Johnson Over Fantasia Video

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson recently discussed his close relationship with Jay-Z with the local Kansas City press.

A lot of people don’t know that goes beyond me just wearing his clothes. I could switch to Nike tomorrow and Jay would be completely cool with it. There are only a couple of athletes Jay-Z was cool enough to let in his little small circle of people that he calls friends. It’s me, LeBron and that’s about it. It’s a real tight group. It goes beyond me just wearing clothes. We’ve become friends now. If I wanted to do Nike or Reebok or anything else, he would have input, but he would never say ‘OK, I can’t (mess) with you no more because of that.’ He’s never been that way. We just happened to hit it off.”…

Johnson: “He definitely did that. Between me and you, he definitely didn’t want me to do that Fantasia video. I definitely got cussed out for that one. He told me there were a lot of things he wanted to do, but he couldn’t do them. He said, ‘You gotta be able to look at yourself as a business, as stock, and the less things you do, the more people will have interest in you. The more things you do, you water down your value.’ “

Watch: Chris Brown - Wall To Wall

Chris you have to come with a better single than this! PLEASE! The 15 year old girls are depending on you!

Watch: Lil Wayne - TALKING ISSH!

Is it me or has Dwayne JR. been hanging around Juelz to much? (Ya dig!) Shout to BIG LEEF & NARD to of the biggest Weezy fans I no. (HE's overated to me, but that's just me!)

Update on:

Juelz & Dwayne Album
Dwayne Relationship....& MORE!

Watch: Black Cotton - Say Goodbye (Directed by

Ok, I have introduced you all to Black Cotton in my PREVIOUS BLOGS. Well now I introduce you to my first VIDEO I have ever directed. Yes I directed this joint, its there new song Produced by Marre-L called Say Goodbye. It has a good feel to it. Please vote I would love to hear from you all on this joint, IT MEANS ALOT!

BC UP! (Song will be up for download soon!)

Download: Trae ft. Jadakiss & Styles P - Smile

Finally here is the full version of "Smile" that you heard Jada on I posted the other day! LISTEN HERE!

Download: Little Brother - Good Clothes

Shout to LIL BROTHER, with "Good Clothes." LISTEN HERE!

Frontline - It's Goin Down

Shout to the BAY AREEEEEEEEEA! It's Frontline with "It's Goin Down." LISTEN HERE!

B.G. ft. Young Jeezy - Hustle

Jeezy teams up with B.G. to "Hustle." LISTEN HERE!

Download: T.I. - Help Is Coming (Produced by Just Blaze)

This is a hot track, but tell me why Clifford thinks he is saving hip hop with this album of his that is coming out? You be the judge with this, "Help Is Coming" track. LISTEN HERE!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Download: Petey Pablo ft. Kurupt - I'll Beat Yo Azz

Kurupt teams up with Petey Pablo and said, "I'll Beat Yo @$$!" LISTEN HERE!

Download: Ja Rule ft. Lil Wayne - Uh Oh

Ja Rule with Lil Wayne on the same track "Uh Oh." LISTEN HERE!

Download: Shop Boyz - Next To Me

Shop Boyz its talking about the girl "Next To Me." LISTEN HERE!

Download: The Game - Feels So Good (Prod by Dr. Dre)

I don't know where these GAME records fall out of but, I have my hands on a new one. Don't know how new it is but Dr. Dre produced it and it "Feels So Good." LISTEN HERE!

Download: Clyde Carson - Hood Stomped Out

Shout out to the BAY AREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA! Here is a new Clyde Carson joint! LISTEN HERE!

NOTE: If you haven't heard my BAY AREA MIXTAPE, you are tripping!

R. Kelly - Ya Hair (Prod By Mysto & Pizzi)

Here is a bonus track from R. Kelly's "Double Up." Produced by 2 of my favorite producers Mysto & Pizzi (Check there YOUTUBE Video on how they made one of the tracks on R. Kelly's Album, TOO!) LISTEN HERE!

Download: Olivia ft. Missy Elliot - Cherry Pop (Prod by Missy & Timbaland)

Missy is bringing it back with "Cherry Pop." My question is will OLIVIA ever drop an album (prob not)? LISTEN HERE!

Lil Mo ft. Jim Jones - Sometimes I

Lil Mo is back teaming up with Mr. Ballllllin, with "Sometimes I." LISTEN HERE!

Friday, June 22, 2007

JustN: Big Boi's in "Who's Your Caddy?"

Big Boi takes a big step into the mainstream with Who's Your Caddy?:When a rap mogul from Atlanta tries to join a conservative country club in the Carolinas he runs into fierce opposition from the board President - but it's nothing that he and his entourage can't handle.
Judging by the trailer and still photos at, he's going to do quite well.
Due July 27th.

Watch Trailer HERE!

JustN: Kanye West - Graduation, Possible Track List

Keep in mind, the track listing and cover are subject to change.

Kanye West - GraduationAudio CD (August 21, 2007)
Label: GOOD Music
01. Time To Leave (Intro)
02. Up In It (featuring John Legend and Miri Ben-Ari)
03. SKIT #104. Make Me Over
05. Homecoming (featuring Chris Martin)
06. Another Time Too Soon (featuring Jay-Z)
07. Can’t Tell Me Nothing (featuring Young Jeezy)
08. Egotistical (featuring Akon)
09. SKIT #210. Stronger
11. Street Scene (featuring Common and Eminem)
12. Learn The Insides
13. Into The Fall
14. Top Of The World (featuring MYSTERY GUEST and Ne-Yo)
15. A Way To Get Through
16. Bottom
17. Stay Strapped (featuring The Game)
18. SKIT #3
19. ??? (featuring MYSTERY GUEST)
20. Voices Linger
21. Bittersweet (featuring John Mayer) [Bonus Track]

Watch: Common - The People

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Watch: Yung Joc ft. Gorilla Zoe - Coffee Shop

JustN: Dances From Tha Hood

I totally have a problem 'Dances From Tha Hood'. I really don't speak my mind to much about BS, but that is what this is! Question: I want to know why is it so ok to publicize total IGNORANCE? (Just listen to the host.) I am so glad I DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN! Parents hide your kids, because someone's daughter or son will be in the room doing one of these DUMB @#$ dances on camera, looking forward to the possiblity of being on MTV just to look IGNORANT! When you just though you were in 2007, the Master of the plantation comes to your hut and asks you to dance like it's 1857! THIS IS BULL......... you be the judge. (Watch HERE)

Watch: The Funniest Hip Hop Parody EVER!

This is hella old. Shout to DJ QUEST when we got our hands on the audio of this we was LAUGHING FOR A WEEK! LOL. "Young Gucci Mane, it's Gucci Mane, I wanna be Jeezy, but it aint easy. Jewelry looking cheesy......UHHHHHh!" LOL. Just Listen To It PLEASE!

Watch: Kanye West Secret Video Screening of "STRONGER"

Watch: Kanye West Make's A Beat

This is pretty old, of The MC DVD of QD3. You may have seen the shorter version of this joint in the past but here is the EXTENDED VERSION. Enjoy!

Watch: Jim Jones MTV Raw

Shout to the homie Dipset over ---> There in the chat room. Thanks for your comment. There has not been alot of new Dipset out there that's why I haven't posted any. But just like to all the cats that no me. If I have it you got it! Enjoy the video.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Download: Jadakiss - Smile

I am loving this joint right here. JADA GIVE ME MORE PLEASE.... "It's only one verse!" But it will make you "Smile!" LISTEN HERE!

JustN: Billboard That TRASHES HIP HOP! Wow...

This is wild! WOULDN'T YOU AGREE!
Some is true but a bunch of Jesus freaks in Chicago have taken the sentiment to the next level. The Faith Community of Saint Sabina are in the process of erecting some 20 billboards across the city decrying artists such as 50, Wayne, Ludacris, and Fat Joe as "trash" and encouraging people to stop listening to them.
A couple of things about this story immediately jumped out at me. The best part to me is that a GENERAL SALES MANAGER OVER the billboard department of Clear Channel approved this ad! DAMN CLEAR CHANNEL is trying to get all the money they can before they sale the joint huh? LOL. Please note that Saint Sabina, which is decscribed as "a Word based, bible teaching African-American Catholic Church," would have a white pastor who recently threatned to "snuff out" a local gun store owner.

Watch: Video: Common Rap City Freestyle 6/19

Watch: R. Kelly - Same Girl (feat. Usher)

Watch: Rihanna - Shut Up & Drive

JustN: 9th Wonder ( Interview, WOW!)

9TH WONDER telling it like it is in his interview with I’m still shocked at what he said about R.Kelly, LL Cool J, and more...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Watch: Introducing Iron Solomon

The white boy is NICE! But He can't beat me in a FREESTYLE BATTLE. LOL!

Watch: Kanye West "Bittersweet" on Def Poetry Jam

Kanye hit yall with that old @#$ "Bittersweet." Which was suppose to make Late Registration. Enjoy!

Watch: Denzel's an "American Gangster" (Video Trailer)

This movie will be DOPE!
Stars Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Washington portrays Frank Lucas, a real-life heroin kingpin from Manhattan who smuggled the drug into the country in the coffins of American soldiers returning from the Vietnam War. Crowe portrays Richie Roberts, a detective who brings down Lucas's drug empire. Release due in November 2007.

Watch: Tupac: Revelation Trailer (Video)

This is dedicated to those 2Pac fans that still think he is alive. Yall sound like the crazy ELVIS FANS! "I just seen Tupac driving an ice cream truck down my block!" LOL.

This new documentary from director Richard Bond and Tupac’s former bodyguard Frank Alexander is due out in September. Looks pretty interesting though!

JustN: Dallas, TX is home to The Core DJ's Retreat VII

First of shout to T Neal, DJ Quest I SEE YOU! This is great time for all of you dj's, artists, producers, song writers, graphic designers, etc. to network and promo if you already didn't know!

The Core DJs Retreat VII
Presented by Crest Cadillac & T-Town MusicAugust 3 – 6, 2007 Dallas , TX
June 18, 2007 – "Its Official... Dallas , TX is home to The Core DJ's Retreat VII". The Core DJ's Retreat is a semi-annual reunion of DJs, industry professionals, labels, and artists, designed to be an exclusive networking event to introduce new industry trends, new artist, and music to key players in the music industry. Though there is a registration fee for other participants, the Core invites all DJs to participate at no cost for registration. The Core DJs have successfully branded themselves with past retreats in Chicago , Miami , St. Louis , Houston , and Atlanta ; and will continue to do so, making their mark in every city that is part of the movement within the music industry. The Core DJs have decided to bring the Retreat back to Texas and make Dallas their next stop during August 3 – 6, 2007.
The Core DJ Retreat acts as a union for DJs by inviting all DJs to network with one another while attending various listening sessions, artists meet & greets, and several artists/label showcases which have seen participation from Atlantic Records, Warner Brothers, Def Jam, Virgin, Sony BMG, Rap-A-Lot Records, Jive, Bad Boy Entertainment, and a host of others.
About The Core DJs and The Core DJs Retreat Tony Neal, founder of The CORE DJs, founded the coalition in December of 2003. Tony’s purpose for organizing a DJ coalition was to create a vehicle that would empower and educate the core of the music industry, the DJs. Today, some of the most influential DJs are members of The Core DJs. To date, this is the only DJ Coalition in the country!
Twice a year, The Core DJs organizes The Core DJs Retreat. Now on the 7th retreat, The Core DJs Retreat is considered the premier event for DJs by DJs. The Core DJs Retreat provides complimentary advance registration to all DJs, not just Core DJs. This bi-annual retreat for the DJ community consistently boosts over 300 of the countries most influential DJs. Successful retreats have been organized in Chicago, IL (Aug 04), Miami Beach, FL (Feb 05), St. Louis, MO (Aug 05), Houston, TX (March 06), Atlanta, GA (Aug 06) & again in Miami Beach, FL (Feb 06). In addition to hundreds of DJs that attend the retreat, previous Core DJ Retreat participants include:
Jermaine Dupri Bun B Trick Daddy Mr. Colipark Mc Hammer DJ Red Alert Slim Thug Mob Deep Yung Joc Luke Nelly Dre (from Cool & Dre) Tony Yayo Twista John Legend Chingy Rick Ross Daz Dilinger Trina Timbaland TI Dallas Austin Young Jeezy Mc Lyte Cameron Toomp Young Buck Lil’ Scrappy Kool Herc Young Dro
The Core DJs Retreat is not a music conference or a record pool meeting so you won’t attend panel discussions. Instead, the retreat is the premier direct marketing vehicle to promote, showcase and/or to introduce music or recording artists directly to DJs through various sought after events. This is the only event of its kind for DJs by DJs with complimentary DJ registration regardless of affiliation.
For more information on The Core DJs and The Core DJs Retreat VII, contact Donata Davis by emailing or call 877.333.9940 ext2. For sponsorship information or host hotel information, contact Kia Robertson by emailing or call 877.333.9940 ext3. For press credentials, please contact Alia Lacey by emailing or call 877.333.9940 ext5.
Who: The Core DJs Retreat VII
When: August 3 - 6 2007
Where: Doubletree Hotel Dallas-Campbell Centre
8250 North Central Expressway
Dallas, Texas 75206
Tony Neal, the Core DJ's, Alan Powel of T Town Music, & Crest Cadillac are looking for plenty of press about this especially in Dallas. This is the biggest & best thing happening in the Dallas Music Scene! There will be some of the hottest artist and biggest names in the music industry at this retreat, in addition to many major record labels, the Industry's most powerful MD's, PD's, DJ's and Radio Personalties from all over the country will be here in Dallas the weekend of Aug 3-6. Get ready, the Core DJ's are invading D'Town.

JustN: Suspect In Stack Bundles Murder Found Dead

A man, authorities believe was involved in the murder of Dipset affiliated rapper Stack Bundles, was found shot to death in a vacant house in Queens, New York yesterday (June 18). According to New York's Daily News, aspiring rapper Charles White was found dead on a sofa with a pillow over his head, a leg wound, and two bullet wounds behind his ear.

Authorities believe White's murder may have been in retaliation for the killing of Stack Bundles. Bundles (born Rayquon Elliott) was shot once in the head and once in the neck in the lobby of his Far Rockaway building last week. He was 24 years old. Police suspect White, 20, may have gone to Virginia, where he lived, right after Bundles' murder, but returned to New York last Saturday with his friend Kelvin Brown, 27. Brown had reportedly just left his home when White was shot. He ran back to the house when he heard gunshots and called police. The house White was shot in has been on sale for months. An unidentified man who lived in the neighborhood said he saw three men on the stoop of the home Sunday night. He described them as being very polite. "One of them said 'Happy Father's Day' to me," the man said. No arrests have been made in either Bundles' or White's murder. (SOURCE)

JustN: T.I., Twista, Lupe Fiasco Perform at 'Myspace Live' will host the Myspace Live Concert Series featuring headliner T.I. and special guests at The Riv in Chicago on June 20.The concert, which is free and open to the public, will be hosted by Nick Cannon and includes special appearances by Twista, DJ GQ, and Lupe Fiasco.
MySpace is also giving fans an opportunity to log-in and watch the show live, by visiting the T-Mobile Sidekick profile page at from from 10:00pm to 12:00am EST.Sponsored by T-Mobile, MySpace Live includes an on-site message ticker that allows users at home to send comments and text messages in real time, to concert attendees. Doors open at 7:30 pm and close at venue capacity.T.I.'s new album T.I. vs. T.I.P. hits stores July 3.Fore more information visit (SOURCE)

Watch: Kay Slay Strikes Again, Now With Buffie

I guess Slay has like a web tv show or something. It's really not entertaining but maybe yall like that "Buffie The Steroids In The Booty Chick!" This was wack to me though!

JustN: Lil Wayne Wants To Drop Carter 3

“A lot of things [are] coming out this year,” Weezy explained. “My artist Currency, I don’t wanna drown him. Then I’m on a lot of people’s stuff. A lot of people want to use the songs I’m on as singles. That would be a quick, ‘No, reject,’ if my album was out. I don’t like that. I want all that to be when I come out. … Plus I was given advice by my big brother Nelly about how to do that. He said, ‘You gotta make them want you.’ Read More Here!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Download: Rock D The Legend ft. Big Boi - DDT

Big boy teams up with The Legend to "DDT" them *$%#! LISTEN HERE!

Download: Lil Boosie ft. Foxx & UGK - Wipe Me Down (Remix)

Big shout out to the homie RUDE cuz he will shoot the jump shot in ya eye and be like "WIPE ME DOWN." LOL, this one is for you homie, here is the remix of your theme song! LISTEN HERE!

Watch: Lil Wayne Interview (Hella Old)

Here is an interview for all the WEEZY fans, its hella old. But I am posting it for those that have never seen it. ENJOY!

Watch: Lupe Fiasco - He Say, She Say (Feat. Gemini & Sarah Green)

This is a DEEP SONG! Great Video. L-U-P-E Up!

New Video From Lupe Fiasco For 'He Say, She Say' Featuring Gemini & Sarah Green Off 'Food & Liquor' In Stores Now.

Shout to the homie Jimbo Slice & Leonardo! Also, shout to the homie KENNY over there in the chat room with his cheap ass! THIS WHOLE SITE IS FREE, but he won't pay $5.25 for a the LUPE THE GREAT CD (which was awarded one of the best mixtapes of 2006 by! LOL! So shout to CHEAP ASS KENNY!

Watch: Mitchy Slick - Ain't My Fault (Feat. Tiny Doo and Kobe)

Shout out to the SLICKSTER. This is one of the hottest joints off his latest album "Urban Survival Syndrome". ( I see you aka Mr. Ear To The Streets!) You can always catch PEEZY in the heart of SE, I live in the Dip!

Note: Yall need to stop all that killing over there to! (Damn take a week off!)

Watch: Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson - The Way I Are

Yo I LOVE THIS SONG! Shout to the HOMIE MARRE-L (The Dopest Producer out of SAN DIEGO CALI *Plug his beats: HERE*! We was talking about this joint over the weekend at D-Solo's BBQ at the beach. (We will miss you Solo!)

Watch: Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned/I Think She Knows

JustN: Jay-Z & Beyonce on the LOVE BOAT

Beyonce and Jay-Z being all kissy-faced and lovey dovey. It’s nice to see these two acting like they love each other for a change. It’s about damn time.
Please Note: PHAT BOYZ ARE IN LADIES! So skinny boyz get ya BELLY's UP!