Saturday, December 12, 2009 Presents - BJ - He Sings Mixtape 2009

Okay, first off I AM A BIG FAN OF THE CHICAGO KID! I also hate to confess that I started this mixtape 4-5 months ago and finally got the inspiration to finish it. I hate to brag but this is another one of my classic TAPES (reminds me of the Dwele "G Spot" Mixtape I did in 2006. See it here!).

1. Playboy He Sings Intro
2. Radio Boyfriend
3. Rock Bottom
4. The Westlake Freestyle (Acoustic)
5. Levi Maestro w/BJ (Interlude)
6. Day One Girl by Jay Rock
7. Make It Right (Acoustic)
8. Of All Time ft. Dom Kennedy
9. Top Of The Building Freestyle (Acoustic)
10. Sexual Healing
11. A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke
12. A Change Is Gonna Come (Inauguration Day) (Acoustic)
13. Friday Night
14. Call Me
15. Truly Yours by Diz Gibran (Acoustic)
16. Groove With You by The Isley Brothers
17. Groove With You (Acoustic)
18. Can't Get Me Down
19. I Miss You (Prod. Cinton Sparks)
20. Take It Off ft. Haorld Lilly
21. Freak
22. If This World Were Mine ft. Marvin Gaye & Luther Vandross
23. BONUS: Fly Like Me by Black Cotton ft. Brian Carlos (Prod. by

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