Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Download: So Sout ft. Smoke of Field Mob - It's My Dawg B-Day

Smoke from Field Mob teams up wiht So South, to do it for the BDAY's. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Mateo - Can U Rock

"Can U Rock," Mateo said he can. LISTEN HERE!

+Bonus Video

Download: Casely - Emotional

Check out this new R&B dude Casley from Miami, FLA. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Range - I Need Love

New York's Range, does it with "I Need Love." LISTEN HERE!

Download: Cassie - Is It You

Here's a new joint from Cassie. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Jagged Edge - Turn You On

Jagged Edge does a remake with this one to "Turn You On." LISTEN HERE!

Download: Soulja Boy Ft. Jermaine Dupri & Short Dawg - Crank Dat Soulja Boy (So So Def Remix)

Well Mr. Collipark's Soulja Boy does the remix. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Loon ft. Candance Jones - Back N Da Day

Loon is back doing it "Back N Da Day" with Candance. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Chuka ft. Qamey - One Drank (Prod. by KnightWritaz )

Shout to my boy's at Fresh New Music for introducing me to Chuka this is a hot track called, "One Drank." (Please note this kid did work for ATL's One Chance.) Here is a lil something for you R&B fans. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Demic - Git Money

Shout to the homie Demic, he hit me up and was like Peezy POST MY SHHH! So you know I ____ wit the under dog, therefore check him out and VOTE! LISTEN HERE!

Download: Lil Boosie & Webbie - Do It Big (2003)

For the homie request. Here is a Boosie throwback. LISTEN HERE!

Watch: Wu-Tang EPK

Wu-Tang may be the answer to bringing the love back to HIP HOP! Think about it! As Method Man said in this 20 min video, "The whole music industry is twisted on it's ____ ear. And Britney Spear shaved her head. That's how I no the Apocalypse is coming!"

Watch: MTV's Hottest MC Round Table

JustN: Kanye West vs. Curtis (Update)

Time For An Update

From todays New York Post:

While Fitty’s been hammering at radio, he’s hardly chipped the charts. "Straight to the Bank," featuring Dr. Dre, was released back in April and it never ignited, only reaching No. 32 on the charts. "Amusement Park," released in May, tanked by comparison, with an anemic chart position of No. 121.
The song currently teasing the public - "I Get Money" (a remix of "Straight to the Bank") has also languished on the hip-hop/R&B radio charts, not even making a Top 40 slot.
"Straight to the Bank" features Dr. Dre? Anyway, so we have a month to go until D-Day. Curtis is clearly in trouble. Kanye is ranked #103 on Amazon’s Bestseller list, while Curt is way down at #777. Somebody needs a publicity stunt stat.

Related: Despite Curtis’s tepid buzz, Bodog.com still has him pegged as the favorite and is taking bets on both first week sales, as well as Billboard chart position. Curtis pays out $1.65, while Kanye pays $1.25.

Also: Jay-Z weighs in

Emergency: Joe Buddens Post A Blog Entry

Shout to XXL.com, THIS IS A GREAT READ..... and kat wonder why I say what I say. YES LIL WAYNE IS OVER RATED. He is nice, but not the best, not nearly, not half way close!

And that's why I am not on Dwaynes D***** or Clifford's D**** or Jezzy's D****, because joe is totally right!

PEOPLE YOU ARE NOT listening to the music! BIG was ahead of his time I PUSH THE 6's when the 5's are out....Pac, to much music in the vault and we will never hear all of it!


Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
You’re Not the Best
Keep in mind, I don’t write nearly as many blogs as I would like to because I’m very to the point, very blunt and very straightforward. Also, because I’m an artist stuck in this shit hole we call hip hop, I try my best to be politically correct. But some things ladies and gentlemen, some things, just need to be spoken about. Young niggas nowadays seem to be able to say whatever it is they feel like saying, and if they say it enough, some idiots will actually dignify it and deem it as the truth. Just for the record, NONE OF YOU ARE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!
For that matter, none of you are even top 10 alive. Where do people come up with these things? I have to think that the people who believe these ridiculous statements don’t have CD players or Ipods, and they’re just stuck listening to the radio. Are we hearing the same things? Nobody under 30 should be able to make that claim, not me, not Lil Wayne, not Fab, not Cass, not Papoose, not Sai, not T.I.P., not Jeezy, NONE OF US!

And don’t get it misconstrued, I love all of them and what they do, but certain shit just shouldn’t be tolerated. I get the whole thing about confidence and believing in yourself, but c’mon….I think people are confusing being hot with having a certain level of skill. That’s why you gotta love 50, he use to say without a care in the world “Nah, I’m not the greatest rapper, but I sell more records then them.” What could you possibly say in response to that? As badly as we wanted to, it was true. As long as Hov, Nas, Em, 3000, Face, Common, Black Thought, and a few folks I’m forgetting, are still around, just rap. Leave all the adlibs in the studio, trust me, its better that way. I made the brutal mistake of talking hip hop with my girl, who proceeded to tell me how she looooves Lil’ Wayne, which is cool, I love him to. So I asked her to name me two Wayne songs.

Just two.
*Cricket, cricket*

Needless to say, she couldn’t, but I still ended up getting cursed out and sleeping on the couch (well, not really, but you get my point). Every convo I have about rap leads me right back to how dead the shit is. If you really wanna talk about it, the same people running around screamin’ this blasphemy idolize the rappers that actually have the right to be called the greatest! I’m so confused…

“Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?”
It’s oh so much more meaningful today.

Watch: Common 16 Bar Freestyle

Download: Fall Out Boy ft. Kanye West, Travis (Gym Class Heroes), Tyga, Lupe Fiasco, Paul Wall, Skinhead Rob, Lil Wayne - Arms Race (Remix)

Everyone and they moms hops on this remix. Yall didn't know I rock out did you! LISTEN HERE!

Download: Gorilla Zoe ft. Rick Ross, Yung Joc, Young Jeezy, Block & Jim Jones - Hood N**** (Remix II)

Jimmie hops on the Remix of "Hood Figga" part 2. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Rah Digga ft. Young Zee & Joe Budden - Street People

This has to be an old joint, cuz Digga is still shouting out Flipmode on this track. We all know she is not with Busta anymore. It's a hot track though! LISTEN HERE!

Download: Stat Quo ft. Keri Hilson - Runnaway Love

Keri Hilson kills this remix with Stat Quo over Ludacris' "Runnaway Love." LISTEN HERE!

Download: Kafani ft. Unk - Fast (Like A Nascar Remix)

Unk teams up with Kafani to go "Fast" on the remix. Listen Here!

Download: Mick Wacks Illroots.Com Present Kanye West - The Graduate

1. Stronger (Live) - Kanye west
2. exclusive Freestyle - Kanye West
3. Can’t Tell Me Nothing [Mike Wacks Remix] - Andre 3000
4. In The Mood (Ft. Talib Kweli) - Kanye West
5. Grammy Speech Interlude - Kanye West
6. Still dreaming (Ft. NaS) - Kanye West
7. Put Your Diamonds Up (Ft. Memphis Bleek & Jay-Z) [Prod. By Ceasar] - Kanye West
8. Pro Nails - Kanye West
9. John Mayer Speaks - Kanye West
10. Bittersweet (Ft. John Mayer) [Complete Version] - Kanye West
11. Through The Wire [Remix] (Live) - Kanye West
12. Fucced Up [Mike Wacks Origimix] - CRS
13. Message In A Bottle Freestyle (Live) - Kanye West
14. Red Carpet Freestyle - Kanye West
15. Because Of You [Remix] - Kanye West
16. Better Then I’ve Ever Been (Ft. NaS & KRS-ONE) - Kanye West
17. Can’t Tell Me Nothing [Mike Wacks Remix] - Young Jeezy
18. Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Live) - Kanye West
19. Mixtapes Freestyle - Kanye West
20. Came Back For You - Kanye West
21. Exclusive Freestyle - Kanye West
22. Weak Shit (Ft. ODB) - Kanye West
23. Sippy Sippy Interlude - Kanye West
24. The good The Bad The Ugly (Ft. Consequence) - Kanye West
25. Crashing MTV Interlude - Kanye West
26. Make Me Better Freestyle [Mike Wacks Remix] - Kanye West
27. All Falls Down (Live On Def Poetry Jam) - Kanye West
28. Milkshake Freestyle (Ft. Common) - Kanye West
29. Can’t Tell Me Nothing [Mike Wacks Remix] - Lupe Fiasco
30. I Still Love H.E.R. - Kanye West
31. The food (Live) (Ft. Common) - Kanye West
32. Drive Slow (Live) Ft. GLC) - Kanye West
33. Robot Interlude - Kanye West
34. Stronger [Mike Wacks Remix] (Ft. Jay-Z) - Kanye West
35. Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Chop & Screwed) - DJ Paralex

Monday, July 30, 2007

"Ghetto Lessons With...": Bigga Rankins Act 1

Here also is another series that I am adding to the blog. I am a big fan of the homie BIGGA from DUVAL COUNTY FLORIDA (Jacksonville for you STICHES)! The title of this post alone should speak for itself. (DJ QUEST THIS IS FOR YOU HOMIE!)

PS: Take this advice as you wish, TreyPeezy.com does not agree, nor advise to take actions with any of the statements made in this audio clip....I JUST BASICALLY FIND IT HOLARIOUS! Only Bigga would say something like this! LOL!
Bigga get at me! I know you got my number!

"Pimpin' 101 With Suga Free" Part 1: Pimp Don't Change

Ok I've been a fan of Suga Free since I saw him on Rap City in the late 90's. Wow yeah for years. I was playing is latest cd "Just Add Water" (that I bought in Circuit City last year some time), today and I was like dam he talks about some REAL PIMP ishhhhhhhh. Therefore explains the new series I am adding to the blog: "Pimpin' 101 with Suga Free."
It will make you laugh, it will make you cry...and most of all it will make you slap a _____, LOL, just playing! ENJOY!

JustN: YouTube.com ‘On the Rise’ Rap Contest (WIN A DEAL w/ G-Unit)

Can you spit? Do you have any semblance of video editing skills? If you can merge you rap talent with some basic cinematography, you can win 10K and a spot on G-Unit’s label. The top 20 videos will be chosen by 50, Common, and Polow Da Don. Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes and must be 100% original, or else you face the wrath of the YouTube gangsters: “All Biters, Fakers, and BeatJackers will not advance to the top 20.” Read more about the ‘On the Rise’ contest here.

Watch: Kanye West ft. T-Pain - Good Life (3rd Single)

Ok folks, I've been telling yall about the 3rd single off of Graduation, well I know I told my homies. But it's Good Life ft. MR. TALLAHASSEE (T-Pain). I have the single but I don't feel like getting a cease and desist like I did last time so here is a video snippet instead! ENJOY!

JustN: E-Thugs Beware, Acting Gangsta Online Can Get You Bodied

A Navy man who got mad when someone mocked him as a “nerd” over the Internet climbed into his car and drove 1,300 miles from Virginia to Texas to teach the other guy a lesson.
When he finally arrived, Tavares burned the guy’s trailer down. This week, Tavares, 27, was sentenced to seven years in prison after pleading no contest to arson and admitting he set the blaze.
I didn’t think anybody was stupid enough to try to kill anybody over an Internet fight,” said John G. Anderson, 59, who suffered smoke inhalation while trying to put out the 2005 blaze that caused $50,000 in damage to his trailer and computer equipment. Source

Watch: David Sides - Buy U A Drink (Piano Keys)

Damn, I wish my mom made me get in the band... Remember it was so not cool to be in the band, now all you home made producers wish your ___ was in the band. JUST LIKE ME. (Bet you can't do this!)

Download: Hurricane Chris ft. Allstars - A Bay Bay (Remix)

Got everyone and there momma in this video!

Download: Old School Brooklyn G Discrediting Jay-Z’s Past

Calvin Klein along with his friends tell his true life story of how they controlled the most murderous neighborhoods in Brooklyn. He is said to be responsible for launching Jay Z’s Career and currently manages Akon.

In Brooklyn during the ’80s and early ’90s, one of the main names ringing out in the streets was Calvin “Klein” Bacote’s. He’s the guy Jay-Z is talking about in “Allure” when he raps, “I never felt more alive/ Than ridin’ shotgun in Klein’s green five.”

Some are saying dude sounds bitter.....you be the judge. LISTEN HERE!

Watch: The Game On Tour In Europe

EUROPE LOVEs HIP HOP, Crazy! Don't Know English, but no HIP HOP! WOW!

Watch: Scene From The Upcoming Saw IV

Wow, all I can say is wow. Leo-Nard, you ain't got to worry about me going to sit this wit ya! HELL NO!

Download: Cassidy - Amusment Park Freestyle (Freestyle and Diss Rumors)

Shout to HipHipGame on this one! Imma Cass fan so I had to post this for you fiends. Have you noticed he is spitting something weekly. I'm glad he is in the game right now! We Need More People! LISTEN HERE!
Kanye's 4Head Gives it 2 Thumbs Up!

JustN: MTV’s 10 Hottest MC’s in the Game

Who ever created this list should be SHOT!

10. Jim Jones <--------Are you serious...when was his last hit..or his only one. Like 10 months AGO!
9. Common <-----Should be in top 3, his album is the best so far this year.
8. 50 Cent <------WOW, at least they listed him here!
7. Jay-Z <----- ARE YOU SERIOUS...who ever put Jigga at 7 in any list should be shot!
6. Young Jeezy <---Should replace Jim....You hear what PIMP C said right!
5. Kanye West <----Should be in top 3
4. Andre 3000 <----Only been on remixes, since Love Below.
3. Game <-----He's alright...but he needs more people! (Is anyone still playing his album. Exactly.)
2. T.I. <---T.I. vs. T.I.P. was not all that it was cracked up to be. Deserving of top 10 though. Did you hear what Cassidy said about him?
1. Lil Wayne <-----"Don't, Don't, Don't Believe the Hype," said Public Enemy!

Watch: Common In The Studio

Shout to DJ SKEE!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Download: TreyPeezy.com Radio Show #1 (7-29-07)

Yes it's finally here! TreyPeezy.com Radio, this is the first show so play it loud while you surf the net. It's 30 mins long, and full of new exclusives, remixes & more....even stuff that you don't get on my blog! This is the first one of many more to come, so get used to it! LISTEN HERE!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Download: Black Cotton - Really Want (Prod. by Timbaland) (SNIPPET)

Black Cotton gonna be PISSED when they see I posted this joint. Produced by Marre-L (FUCK WIT THIS PRODUCER, and you thought it was Timbo. Marre-L is better!) LISTEN HERE!

---------> What do you think...Hot or Not? VOTE HERE <---------

Download: 50 Cent ft. Cassidy, Joell Ortiz & Kanye West - I Get Money (TreyPeezy.com Remix)

Ok, this is an official TREYPEEZY.com EXCLUSIVE! Yes everyone is on this remix all NEW VERSES! So do ask me to take my drops off, because you STICHES be Bittin'! And never show props to those who deserve em! ENJOY STICHES! & Remember it's Trey P Z! (LOL!) LISTEN HERE!

Download: Chaka Khan ft. Mary J. Blige - Disrepectful

This is a once in a life time CLASSIC. Just LISTEN HERE!

Download: Total Control ft. Trick Daddy - Stick (Remix)

Trick jumps on a track with TC. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Andre 3000 - Banana Zoo

Shout to my OH Six Bros.....Andre 3stacks does it for the "Banana Zoo." LISTEN HERE!

Download: M.O.P - Sharks

I have always & will always be a M.O.P. fan....I am so glad they kinda scooted away from G-UWACK. LISTEN HERE! (Shout to Jimbo Slice on this one!)

Download: Kinfolk Kia Shine ft. Swizz Beatz, Jim Jones, Slim Thug, E-40, Young Buck, Remy Ma & LL Cool J - Krispy (Remix)

Everyone jumps on the KRISPY track. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Plies ft. Akon - Hypnotized

I guess Akon & Plies squashed their beef over the "I Wann ___ You" song to do a new track. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Timbaland ft. Snoop Dogg & Attitude - Kill Yourself (Remix)

Snoop hops on a Timbo track...WOW! LISTEN HERE!

Download: 2 Pistols ft. T-Pain - She Got It

T-Pain is on everyone's ____. Check out this joint he did with 2 Pistolas (you didn't know I speak Puerto Rican, huh)! LISTEN HERE!

Download: Lil Wayne ft. Wes Fif, B.O.B & Remy Ma - Haterz

Of course I have to post this for the DWAYNE FANS that hangs from his ______. LISTEN HERE!

Download: Fabolous ft. T-Pain - Baby Don't Go

T-Pain teams up with FABO to beg the ladies not to go. LISTEN HERE!