Tuesday, July 31, 2007

JustN: Kanye West vs. Curtis (Update)

Time For An Update

From todays New York Post:

While Fitty’s been hammering at radio, he’s hardly chipped the charts. "Straight to the Bank," featuring Dr. Dre, was released back in April and it never ignited, only reaching No. 32 on the charts. "Amusement Park," released in May, tanked by comparison, with an anemic chart position of No. 121.
The song currently teasing the public - "I Get Money" (a remix of "Straight to the Bank") has also languished on the hip-hop/R&B radio charts, not even making a Top 40 slot.
"Straight to the Bank" features Dr. Dre? Anyway, so we have a month to go until D-Day. Curtis is clearly in trouble. Kanye is ranked #103 on Amazon’s Bestseller list, while Curt is way down at #777. Somebody needs a publicity stunt stat.

Related: Despite Curtis’s tepid buzz, Bodog.com still has him pegged as the favorite and is taking bets on both first week sales, as well as Billboard chart position. Curtis pays out $1.65, while Kanye pays $1.25.

Also: Jay-Z weighs in

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LadyShay said...

I'll def cop the Kanye album, as for Curtissss, he can't mumble his way through this one.