Tuesday, July 24, 2007

JustN & Watch: Lil Wayne & Ja Rule "GOES TO JAIL"

Over the weekend Dwayne and Jeffrey went to jail....& I don't think they will be collecting $200. (Watch the video & read the story.)

"Plus the Cal is on me." Some may call this a publicity stunt...

Hip hop artists Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were arrested Sunday evening after a concert in Manhattan on charges of criminal possession of weapons, each in separate incidents, a New York Police Department spokesman told CNN.
Police say officers pulled over a speeding car around 10:37 p.m. on the Upper West Side carrying Ja Rule and two others. They also recovered a .40-caliber pistol from the vehicle.
About an hour later Lil Wayne was arrested after officers caught him and another man smoking marijuana on the street. They found a .40-caliber pistol in his possession.

According to the NYPost, Wayne was changing his clothes on his tour bus, when police boarded after claiming that they smelled marijuana. Upon seeing the officers, Wayne tried to toss his Louis Vuitton purse off of his lap. It was searched, and the arresting officers were like, "Oh, the Cal is on you?"
Jeffrey on the other hand, was pullled over in a car that he wasn’t driving and a gun was found in a compartment in the back seat. Plus, according to his lawyer, it was a "company car" which opens up the door for the old, "I have no idea how this loaded gun got here" defense.
Dwayne is definitley in the worse situation of the two because the gun was found in his bag. I guess he didn’t hear that, as of last year, New York City has the toughest gun laws in the country. A charge of carrying a loaded handgun in the city now carries a minimum 3 1/2 year jail sentence, with "no exceptions," no matter how hard your daddy stunts.

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