Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Emergency: Joe Buddens Post A Blog Entry

Shout to XXL.com, THIS IS A GREAT READ..... and kat wonder why I say what I say. YES LIL WAYNE IS OVER RATED. He is nice, but not the best, not nearly, not half way close!

And that's why I am not on Dwaynes D***** or Clifford's D**** or Jezzy's D****, because joe is totally right!

PEOPLE YOU ARE NOT listening to the music! BIG was ahead of his time I PUSH THE 6's when the 5's are out....Pac, to much music in the vault and we will never hear all of it!


Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
You’re Not the Best
Keep in mind, I don’t write nearly as many blogs as I would like to because I’m very to the point, very blunt and very straightforward. Also, because I’m an artist stuck in this shit hole we call hip hop, I try my best to be politically correct. But some things ladies and gentlemen, some things, just need to be spoken about. Young niggas nowadays seem to be able to say whatever it is they feel like saying, and if they say it enough, some idiots will actually dignify it and deem it as the truth. Just for the record, NONE OF YOU ARE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!
For that matter, none of you are even top 10 alive. Where do people come up with these things? I have to think that the people who believe these ridiculous statements don’t have CD players or Ipods, and they’re just stuck listening to the radio. Are we hearing the same things? Nobody under 30 should be able to make that claim, not me, not Lil Wayne, not Fab, not Cass, not Papoose, not Sai, not T.I.P., not Jeezy, NONE OF US!

And don’t get it misconstrued, I love all of them and what they do, but certain shit just shouldn’t be tolerated. I get the whole thing about confidence and believing in yourself, but c’mon….I think people are confusing being hot with having a certain level of skill. That’s why you gotta love 50, he use to say without a care in the world “Nah, I’m not the greatest rapper, but I sell more records then them.” What could you possibly say in response to that? As badly as we wanted to, it was true. As long as Hov, Nas, Em, 3000, Face, Common, Black Thought, and a few folks I’m forgetting, are still around, just rap. Leave all the adlibs in the studio, trust me, its better that way. I made the brutal mistake of talking hip hop with my girl, who proceeded to tell me how she looooves Lil’ Wayne, which is cool, I love him to. So I asked her to name me two Wayne songs.

Just two.
*Cricket, cricket*

Needless to say, she couldn’t, but I still ended up getting cursed out and sleeping on the couch (well, not really, but you get my point). Every convo I have about rap leads me right back to how dead the shit is. If you really wanna talk about it, the same people running around screamin’ this blasphemy idolize the rappers that actually have the right to be called the greatest! I’m so confused…

“Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?”
It’s oh so much more meaningful today.


LadyShay said...

Hustler Muzik and D-Boy, 2 songs!!!! The only two by him on my iPod, lol.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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