Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Listen: Rick Ross ft. Freeway & Fabolous - Gettin Mine (Produced by Breez)

Shout out to the homie BREEZ, when can I get a beat fool?
PS: I am dead serious (Check out my group HERE)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Watch: Prodigy Takes His 7 Year Old Gun Shopping

Any Thoughts?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Watch: Crooked I (He Has My Respect)

Hand's down this dude has my respect! Now this is hella old, but just got my hands on it. I don't post his stuff if ever, but I know of the dude very well. He was suppose to bring back Death Row but that never happened!

Watch: A Hot Winter by The REAL! (We In The House)

A Hot Winter from jeff on Vimeo.

Watch: Lupe Fiasco Interview for you FIASCOs

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Watch: Lil Wayne "Who Got Next?"

Wayne talks about drinking lean (syrup, drank, purp, barre, tussin, etc)! Like that shhh is cool! Please know that it's just like filling your body with morphine, heroin, or opium etc. ENJOY! (Oh yeah Lil Wayne is over rated if you ask me!)


My homie DJ QUEST Sent this to me. THIS IS SO NASTY. Pass this along PLEASE!



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Listen: TreyPeezy.com LIVE @Heat (Downtown San Diego 12-1-07)

Check me out on the turn tables! I threw a smashing 1st Saturday party out here in San Diego with my homie QB of Q Ball Ent, and Black Cotton. OVer 600+ people were in the bulding. Download the audio HERE!

Listen: Lupe Fiasco - The Great Mixtape

If you thought LUPE FIACO THE COOLEST MIXTAPE was dope. Then you need to check out what I did before Lupe dropped FOOD AND LIQUOR.

Here is the RE-Release of LUPE FIACO "THE GREAT"!

It was so dope, that allhiphop.com voted this mixtape to be one of the best mixtapes of 2006. HELL YEA IT WAS! Download it and judge for yourself!
PS: Please note that I mix on my mixtapes. I am not like the rest of these wack ass mixtape djs that don't OWN A PAIR OF TURNTABLES! ENJOY STITCHES!



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Listen: Lupe Fiasco - The Cool ALBUM

1. Isesha Poem (Intro)
2. Free Chilly (Interlude)
3. Go Gadget Flow
4. Coolest
5. Superstar
6. Paris Tokyo <----THIS IS MY SHHHH!
7. High Definition
8. Gold Watch
9. Hip Hop Saved My Life
10. Streets on Fire
11. Lil Weapons
12. Gotta Eat
13. Dumb It Down
14. Hello Goodbye
15. Die
16. Put You on Game
17. Fighters
18. Go Baby



Watch: Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood - Episode 1

Watch: Erykah Badu on Honey (Prod. By 9th Wonder)

Download the single here!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Watch: The Roots on 2 Girls 1 Cup

If you don’t know what 2 Girls 1 Cup is, you’re just going to have to Google it. I would link to it, but…no.

Watch: Styles P - Flashing Lights Freestyle

Watch: Will Smith on 60 Mins (INSPIRING!)

Listen: Remy Ma - Lil Kim Diss/Interview

Listen: Remy Ma - Lil Kim Diss/Interview

Lil kim can never respond.I dont care if she spits the hottest diss ever.Just because you went to jail dont mean shit.At the end of the day,she had ghostwriters,her whole body is plastic,and she got ran thru by a lot of industry heads.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Watch: Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction on Ellen

Watch: 50 Cent Does Cocaine (HOLY Shhh)

Click HERE to wacth! WOW!

Watch: Pusha-T Speaks In Re-Up Gang Studio

Pusha responds to Lil' Wayne's recent article in Complex Magazine:"First time he ever touched a gun, he shot his GOD DAMN self."

Watch: Crooked I (The Death Row Story)

Watch: Kid Sister ft. Kanye West - Pro Nails

Kanye said he paid 3k for this video!

Watch: Styles P Come Up DVD Interview

Watch: Plies - Runnin My Momma Crazy

The lil big homie plies. He is getting 20k-26k for a show now a days DAM! Shout out to his prison tour he is about to do!

Watch: Beanie Sigel ft. Styles P - You Ain’t Ready

This is my shhh. SEG's album is DOPE don't sleep!

Watch: Ghostface ft. Beanie Sigel & Styles P - Barrel Brothers

Styles and Beans having been doing a lot of work together. What's really going on!

Watch: Channel Live - Hip-Hop Nation

Remember the guys that did SPARK MAD IZM with KRS-One. They are back. CHECK THE LYRICS!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Listen: Black Cotton - Last Call

These dudes have been working hard for the past 2 years. The time is now and they have booked their "FLIGHT"! It's their first album, here is another joint from it. It's the HOTTEST JOINT I THINK I HAVE HEARD THEM DO!

Listen: Black Cotton - Last Call

For the "LAST CALL" FREE Ringtone: Text "248678" to 69937

Listen: RCK - Get It Go

RCK reps the Bay Area HARD! Check out their swag on "Get It GO!" The Crowd was digging this the other day fellas! Check their Myspace here!

Listen: RCK - Get It Go

Listen: Diamond In Da Rough - Set It Off

Check out my homie Diamond In Da Rough, out of San Diego. Told you I GOT YOU HOMIE! Check his myspace here!

Listen: Diamond In Da Rough - Set It Off

Listen: D. Truman - Where U At Girl

Shout to D. Truman he hit me up and was like PEEZY can you post this on ya blog! NO PROB HOMIE! Enjoy!

JustN: Pimp C Dead @ 33

Pimp C, real name Chad Butler -- and one half of the rap duo UGK, was found dead in a hotel room this morning. He was 33.

L.A. County Fire responded to a 911 call at the Mondrian Hotel, located on trendy Sunset Strip in Hollywood. They arrived to his sixth floor hotel room to find him dead in bed.

UGK is best known for appearing on the Jay-Z track "Big Pimpin'" in 2000, and more recently with Outkast on the song "International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)."


Watch: Swizz Beat's In Seattle At A Zune Concert