Thursday, August 30, 2007

Download: Kanye West - Brother

Ok here is the joint everyone has been talking about. HIM & His big brotha JIGGA. Deep TRACK, great song to conclude and MONUMENTAL ALBUM! (Also, I probably will post "I Wonder" tomorrow, the drums are from 2Pac's "Ambitions Az A Ridah," damn the bass on this joint KICKS, hell yeah after talking about it. IT WILL BE ON HERE TOMORROW!)

Download: Kanye West ft. Dwele - Flashing Lights

I am the biggest DWELE FAN PROBABLY EVER. This song here is like a breath of (FRESH....) PURE OXYGEN! OH MY GOOD!

Download: Kanye West ft. T-Pain - Good Life

Ok yall as I promised. Here you go! The album is REFRESHING! It's been playing nonstop for the past 4 hours. IT'S TO F$#%IN SHORT KANYE............GIVE ME MORE DAMMIT!!!

Kanye West ft. T-Pain - Good Life

JustN: Curtis Vs. Kanye ((((((((((LEAKED))))))))))))

Wow the sells will show now. Both albums hit the internet today. (I HAVE MY COPY of the Ceremony.) Sad but 50 will probably break everything up in Sana Monica today (Location of INTERSCOPE office). To bad I haven't listened to the CUUUUUUUUUUUURTIS ablum yet. But I doubt that he have more substance they Ye's.

The ceremony was so refressing....I am going to probably listen to it for the next 2 weeks!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Watch: Playaz Circle feat. Lil Wayne - Duffle Bag Boy

Watch: Consequence - Uncle Raheim

Consequences is killing it on this one. I am going to get his album this week. I have been hearing a lot about this album. Time to go cop my slice! ENJOY!

Watch: Curtis Interview w/ Part 3

Watch: Curtis Interview w/ (PART 1 & PART 2)

Watch: Notorious B.I.G. UPS Is Hiring

Shout to the homie. E! E can I get a link trade what's up!

This joint is funny, I was really laughing with the ASIAN dude did the Diddy Shake.
That was a classic line too:
"Don't be mad UPS is hiring, should of been a cop F#@$ hip hop. With that freestyle you bound to get shot!"

Watch: The Dumbest Broad in America

Well most of you probably have seen this. My mouth hit the floor when I watched it.

Download: Curtis & Kanye Entire Album PREVIEW

First off if this isn't your favorite or one of your favorite blogs on the NET something is wrong with you!

Yes STICTHES, you can preview the entire album. You judge who has the hotter one! I feel for you Curtis fans!

Preview CURTIS' Here!

Preview KANYE's HERE!

JustN: Ashanti In San Diego & Fat

(Pic of Shanti leaving Mario Winans B-Day Party LAST WEEK.)

Page Six reports that Ashanti refused to have her picture snapped during the weekend opening of the Ivy Hotel in San Diego due to a few added pounds.
Wow, she is a trip, yeah I was downtown this past weekend in Diego and actually infront of the IVY (club) talking to security and he was telling me how wack the club really. He also mentioned it was a private party and that NELLY & ASHANTI was in there! No wonder she didn't want to take pics.....probably didn't want people to know she was at that wack BOOSHIE club! LOL! Shout to envy. lol (Over Rated!)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Download: Kanye West ft. Chris Martin - Home Coming

Well as promised here is a new track from Ye's "Graduation" ft. Chris Martin, enjoy! LISTEN HERE! (NEW LINK)

Download: Curtis On Being On Stage With Jay, Diddy, T.I. & Kanye

All I have to say is LISTEN TO THIS GUY! What an _____________ (you fill in the blank)! LISTEN HERE! (Also shout to the homo thug pic above. LOL)

Watch: Wyclef Jean ft. Akon & Lil Wayne - Sweetest Girl

Stupid Dance Edition #2

Ok, since everyone has a dance. Let's make it a segment on the blog! Here you go! VOTE!!

SEE: Stupid Dance Edition #1

Watch: Common ft. Lily Allen - Driving Me Wild

Watch: Swizz Beats Freestyle on Power in NYC

Word is he is selling more than TALIB in the first week! We shall see tomorrow.

Watch: Kanye on Entourage & Good Life (Ft. T-Pain) Snippet

Ok you sticthes KANYE was on Entourage last night. YIPPIE, I love that show. Now for the SNIPPET of GOOD LIFE...... yeah several of you have hit me on email, in the chat room, even called me to say "POST THAT GOOD LIFE stop teasing us MAN!" Well guess who else emailed me this rep from DEF JAM and he said you better not post it blah blah blah, we are watching you mister Peezy and if you do post it we will be coming at you. See I know a few people over there and I have relationships, that I VALUE, and I don't want to lose them therefore, at the end of this video of Entourage during the credits you can hear the snippet. ENJOY STICTHES!

Watch: Laurie Ann Gibson "Makin The Band 4 Fight"

This dumb broad is trying to turn her no mins of fam into 15 mins of fam. LOL! She is so fake!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Watch: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Diddy & T.I. on one stage!

I was like wow, when I was looking at this. Bobbin my head and everything. Damn I wish I was there.
IF YOU LIVE IN NY and didn't go YOUR STUPID! Watching this gives me the same feeling when I went to the Jay-Z and friends show in Jacksonville, FL. I met took pics and chooped it up with DIDDY and I was in the front row & JIGGA GAVE ME DAP Like he knows me! IT WAS INSANE! The best show I ever been to!

One word to describe this video is INSANE.(Watch it before its deleted!)

Watch: Kanye "GOES OFF ON YALL!"

Kanye goes off on everyone! About 3:50 left in the video. I can't wait to blow up. AND CURSE THE WORLD OUT like Kanye. He is mainly mad at the media! MY MOUTH HIT THE FLOOR!

SayCheese: Hip Hop History

Ok, alot of the music out here right now is BOOTY! Yes BOOTY. But I give props for seeing this. "To me this is HIP HOP!" Jay-Z, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Diddy, T.I., Ciara, Swizz Beatz Make Hip-Hop History At NYC Show by appearing on stage at the SAME TIME. Here's a couple of pictures:

Watch: Curtis Interview w/

Ok so I laid off of Curtis for a few days well maybe two. Here is the interview he had with He talks about everything. A straight raw interview! (Get my pool in the back!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Watch: CD Shopping with Devin The Dude

I would love to go music shopping with this dude. He is a real musician and get down with all genres. Check it out, he is funny as hell too! (Shout to all the Country fans like Devin. Blake Shelton is one of my personal Country favorites. Yes I dig country too.)

Watch: Flavor Flav Freak The Drums @ Rock The Bells


JustN: Dirtty Bones "Throws Some On Dogs"

Well since I've been house sitting for my homie Leo-Nardo and taking care of his BAD ASS PITBULL a few weeks old (NEO, he's not that bad. I just no Nardo reads this crap I write. LOL!) I came across some urban street wear for dogs. So here it is!

Dirtty Bones, a division of Lascar Inc., is the first in the world to establish a dawg’s lifestyle onto his dog. Inspired by street couture and directed by street life, we’re committed to incorporate the rawest, purest and realest elements of our lifestyle into our Collection. Dedicated to perfection and details, Dirtty Bones won’t compromise neither on high end standards by using only the finest materials in the world, nor on carefully chosen details who represent us best. We took the crown and we won’t give it back, we won’t warn, we won’t growl, we will bite anyone living the street life… SITE HERE!

JustN: Hip Hop On 4 Wheels

In a nice departure from his paintings of mystical ships, silly pink bunnies and flying skulls, artist Jeremy Fish drops his new ‘Dead Rapper Series’ of hand painted skate decks. He featured Jam Master Jay, Biggie Smalls, Buffy, and last but not least, O.D.B. As the artist notes, “these hand cut decks are made with defective skateboards,” so no board was killed in the making of this art project, just rappers. Check out some more of his sketches, paintings, skateboards, and otherworldly creations on his website.

Watch: R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet 21

I am not going to lie this was a PRETTY GOOD ONE!

Watch: Shawty is "Crazy @$$ Mother F*#@er" (HELLA FUNNY)

Yo I died laughing from this show so hard that I NOW HAVE A HEADACHE!

Entire Season Here! LOL!

Download: Fergie ft. Sean Kingston - Big Girls Don't Cry (Remix)

This is for my girl AMY, thank for loggin on here. LISTEN HERE!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Download: Cam'Ron - Found

Cam has been located.

From G-Unit Radio 25: Sabrina’s Baby Boy.

Watch: Killer Mike "Grind Time Sport's Show"

This is one of my FAVORITE dude's on earth. Yall stop sleeping on MIKE he is holarious and SMART AS HELL!

Stupid Dance Edition #1

Ok, I am sick of it! And I guess I will add to it by showing yall wut these dumb ___, need to do their homework, & get a summer job kids be doing while their parents aren't lookin! SOME ONE SHOOT ME PLEASE!

Watch: Beyonce's Wardrobe Malfunction... WOW!

Can you say JIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGA! (Go see it before SONY have it deleted!)

Watch: Notorious B.I.G. Live (RARE FOOTAGE)

For all the BIGGIE FANS OUT THERE, Like me! He was the BEST TO HAVE DONE IT! Sorry if you dissagree!

JustN: My Hometown (Duval, FL) Isn't Racist? You Judge!

Cam’Ron blew up the “Stop Snitchin” phenomenon on a 60 Minute special earlier this year and now a Florida newspaper is under fire after printing an editorial cartoon on “Stop Snitchin”.

According to local Florida site

Some readers were shocked and angered by a Friday editorial page cartoon depicting a black man with a smoking gun in his hand standing over a bullet-riddled victim. “I didn’t see nuttin’!” said a little girl standing nearby. “Now that’s a good little ho!” said the gunman. Both the shooter and the child wore T-shirts saying “Don’t Snitch!”The cartoon carried a caption: “The new rule of Law!” A billboard in the background depicted more black characters under lyrics, “Rap your life away.”

Expressions of outrage came quickly, including from the local president of the NAACP. “Highly offensive and racist,” is how Charles Anderson described the cartoon. It was wrong to suggest that the growing “Don’t snitch” phenomenon is limited to the African-American community and use of the terms “ho” and “nuttin’ ” were over the top, according to Anderson.
The cartoon came after police assertions that a “Don’t snitch” culture has impeded efforts to solve crimes in Jacksonville. A CBS 60 Minutes segment last Sunday focused on the growing problem, especially in inner-city neighborhoods, and how some rap artists have encouraged it.

“The object of the cartoon was to comment on the rise of a no-snitching culture, something that is widely in the news today,” Clark said.
Gamble conceded that the term “ho” is demeaning to women, but added, “I was making a point that rappers are demeaning to women.”

Watch: Uncle Murda BEEF LIVE IN NYC.... WOW!

Uncle Murda and Big Truck, which whom I believe is from Brooklyn (Damn Murda, your hometown is not feeling ya kid lol). Anyway...In this 4 part series, you'll see Big Truck attempt to snatch Uncle Murda right off stage while performing (I provide 2 different angles). Then Big Truck explains what brought this humorus act of aggression about. I'm surprised no one got shot!

Watch: Makin The Band 4 (Season 2) +BONUS VIDEO

For all you Makin The Band FANS!

+BONUS VIDEO (This is funny)

Watch: Lil Wayn & Birdman "Milk & Cookies"

I came across this and fell out my chair!