Monday, August 20, 2007

Watch: Lloyd Banks Retirement Party

Shout out to THE REAL. Because E Rosenthal has hit me up several times now talking about this VIDEO and how I should post it. WELL E!(I think I deserve a link exchange and I would love for you to post some of BLACK COTTON's music on your blog!) I checked it out, thought it was some what corny & funny (well I am corny and funny often) and (as Leo-Nardo & would say) BOOOOOOOOOOOM! I posted it. The best part was when buddy (means dude) said, WELP guys ANNOUNCEMENT party's over LLOYD BANKS once again LET YOU DOWN.... LOL! Enjoy!

NOTE1: I have a question for you E do you work at XXL?

NOTE2: I seen your R. Kelly Same Girl Vid too, way before you sent me an email! Keep it up!

1 comment:

ER said...

I definitely appreciate the link, Trey! (But why no love for the newest vid about 50 and Kanye?...)

Nope, I don't work for XXL, though if they're hiring, hit me up!

Hope everyone enjoys the videos - they're meant to add a little humor to a musical genre that needs some!