Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Watch: 50 Cent Interview w/MTV (8-13-07) +BONUS

I am SICK OF Curtis and him complaining. His album has NO BUZ, we know it's coming out. He has already leaked half of the album. To all of you that email me and post statements in the CHATROOM ABOVE. I swear this is the one and only post about 50 for the day. Because it's starting to be a daily thing, UNFORTUNATLY! On that note I AM BUYING $100 worth of Kanye CD's then I will give them away on this blog!

In this interview he talks to MTV on how he should have been #1 over Dwayne on the hot list, and about his so called LEAK of "Follow My Lead" (We all no he leaked it.)

The MTV Brain Trust on Power 105.1 with Ed Lover.


LadyShay said...

I think he realized that nobody wants to hear his redundant ass shit anymore. And he really made me excited when he said he wouldn't put out any more solos if 'Ye outsells him. said...