Wednesday, August 22, 2007

JustN: Dirtty Bones "Throws Some On Dogs"

Well since I've been house sitting for my homie Leo-Nardo and taking care of his BAD ASS PITBULL a few weeks old (NEO, he's not that bad. I just no Nardo reads this crap I write. LOL!) I came across some urban street wear for dogs. So here it is!

Dirtty Bones, a division of Lascar Inc., is the first in the world to establish a dawg’s lifestyle onto his dog. Inspired by street couture and directed by street life, we’re committed to incorporate the rawest, purest and realest elements of our lifestyle into our Collection. Dedicated to perfection and details, Dirtty Bones won’t compromise neither on high end standards by using only the finest materials in the world, nor on carefully chosen details who represent us best. We took the crown and we won’t give it back, we won’t warn, we won’t growl, we will bite anyone living the street life… SITE HERE!

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