Monday, August 6, 2007

Download: Jay-Z & Tapemasters Inc. "An American Gangster" Mixtape

Ok people, here is this mixtape I've been seeing circulating the net for a few days. I was debating on posting it but, I KNOW my big lil homie JIMBO SLICE will download this one. Whether it's worth it...hey found out for yourself. But I've realized that I have been sitting on my JAY-Z mixtape I started over a year ago & never finished. Shout to BIG LEEF, cuz he stay playing the 12 tracks that I did complete. Anyways long story short, I HAVE IT COMING, Imma finish it..... presents "INSIDE JAY-Z" COMING SOON! Maybe I will post a sample later!


1. Denzel Washington and Pain In Da Azz-An American Gangster Intro
2. Jay-Z-The Greatest To Ever Do It (prod. by Cookin Soul)
3. Jay-Z-I Can’t Stop (prod. by Shotti and Lefty)
4. Jay-Z feat. Nas-Don’t Hate Me (prod. by Black Friday)
5. Jay-Z feat. Raekwon-New York (prod. by Hasan Insane)
6. Jay-Z -December 4th - June 7th (prod. by Hasan Insane)
7. Jay-Z feat. Young Jeezy-Makin Millions (prod. by Mental Instruments scratches by DJ Rated R)
8. Jay-Z feat. Kanye West-Never Change (prod. by Black Friday)
9. Jay-Z feat. Lil Wayne-Hustlas Clarity (prod. by Hasan Insane)
10. Jay-Z - Me And My Radio (prod. by Black Friday)
11. Jay-Z feat. T.I. and Bun B - Pimpin Is Born (prod. by Shotti and Lefty)
12. Jay-z-Lucifer (Remix) (prod. by hasan insane)
13. Jay-Z-The Return (prod. by Hasan Insane)
14. Jay-Z feat. Nas-Allure (prod. by Hasan Insane)
15. Jay-Z feat. Jill Scott and Don Byas-Heart of The Black City (prod. by Black Friday)
16. Jay-Z feat. Chester French-Excuse Me Miss (Remix) (prod. by Chester French)
17. Jay-Z-Change Clothes (Remix) (prod. by Dj Mills)
18. Jay-Z-99 problems (Fall Out Boy Remix) (prod. by Black Friday)
19. Pain In Da Azz-Interlude
20. Jay-Z feat. Timbaland and Justin Timberlake-Laff At Em
21. Jay-Z feat. Fabolous-Brooklyn
22. Jay-Z feat. Freeway-Big Spender
23. Jay-Z-Pressure
24. Jay-Z-Umbrella
25. Jay-Z feat. T.I. and Beyonce-Upgrade U
26. Jay-Z feat. Pharrell-Young Girl
27. Jay-Z-Crazy
28. Jay-Z feat. Amy Winehouse-Rehab
29. Jay-Z feat. T.I.-Watch What You Say
30. Jay-Z feat. Green Lantern-Asap Freestyle
31. Jay-Z-Tru Life Freestyle
32. Jay-Z-Return From World Tour Hot 97 Freestyle

DOWNLOAD HERE! <--- New Link 8/7/07

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