Thursday, September 6, 2007

Watch: DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Peedi Peedi- Brand New Funk 2k7

I love this song, PEEDI is spitting on the 2nd verse too! The orginal with WILL IS A CLASSIC TOO! West Philly I see you , 61st & Landsdowne, Mt. Aire, Germantown, NORTH Philty aka Hemberger & Aligany & South Philly (Loui Gowees, Damn them cheese steaks are GREAT! Pops got back for Philly yesterday, and brought a gym bag full of Cheese Steaks back, can't wait to get home!) Philly I see you, and PEEDI I need more from you!

Great fun Video here!


Anonymous said...

this is incredible! now we just need an album from ol p crack said...

Man do I agree. Download that PCrack Mixtape I posted on here, if you didn't already. Find it by using the search botton at the top left of the site!