Tuesday, September 11, 2007

JustN: Duval (Jacksonville) Florida's Own MIGET MACK Lands NEW YORK

Well I knew since the first episode on season 1 that VH1 will never let this show die. Just like Flavor of Love. But this post is not about NY! I remember seeing Mack around Duval and Orange Park all the time. So this post is dedicated to "The Bangem" aka Duval County Florida aka Jacksonville, FLA.

Shout to Mack for landing a spot on I Love New York. This shall be very interesting. Young Cash what up, Jay @ SRC Records, get at me! WE NEED TO TALK! See superstars can come out of Jacksonville, I'm one of them! (LOL!)

+Bonus Video
(Check Mack out in his auditon tape, Lol!)

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