Monday, October 8, 2007

Watch: Lupe Fiasco MISTAKE!

Ok so this morning I am hit with a few emails about LUPE and how he MESSED UP performing A Tribe Called Quest's Award Tour during the HIP HOP HONORS. Which is on tonight.
This is what LUPE SAID about the mess up:
This statement is nothing but pure arrogance. I wonder how your friend Q-Tip would feel about you ‘having no interest’ in hearing what many consider to be his landmark album….especially after you forgot his lyrics during a tribute and your only defense is, “hey, shit happens……but I still ain’t listening to the album tho…”
Honestly, I looked at it, and I think he played it off well. Way better then 50 did when he was being lowered on the BET AWARDS! However, you know these hip hop internet heads, when they critic they CRITIC! So watch out lue!
Prob should have just said nothing at all, now it sounds like he _____ed on ATQ!

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