Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Listen: Instrumentals101.com Uploads 11-25-08

Hip Hop Instrumentals Uploaded:
M.I.A. - Boyz (Instrumental) NOV 2008
1 Lee - Count My Money (Feat Plies) (Instrumental) NOV 2008
Joe Budden - The Future (Feat. The Game) (Instrumental) NOV 2008
Rasheeda - Boss Chick (Instrumental) NOV 2008
T.I - I'm Illy (Instrumental) NOV 2008
K. Sparks - Hip Hop (Instrumental) NOV 2008
DJ Brad - In Da Buildin (Prod. DJ Brad) (Instrumental) NOV 2008
Plies - Street Light (Feat Sean Garrett) (Instrumental) NOV 2008
Nygz - Policy (Instrumental) NOV 2008 *NICE REAL HIP HOP SOUND*

R&B Instrumentals Uploaded:
Day26 - Come With Me (Instrumental) NOV 2008
Selena Serrano - Don't Think (Feat Sizzla) (Instrumental) NOV 2008 **SUPER HOT/Must Have**
Pleasure P - Boyfriend No. 2 (Instrumental) NOV 2008

Digital Full Versions (Accapella , Instrumental , Dirty , Clean) Uploaded:
Day26 - Come With Me.zip Main Instrumental Bad Boy Bpm:96
M.I.A. - Boyz.zip Main Instrumental Acapella (Updated) Interscope
Joe Budden - The Future (Feat. The Game).zip Main Instrumental On Top/Def Jam
1 Lee - Count My Money (Feat Plies).zip Main Instrumental
Pleasure P - Boyfriend No. 2.zip Clean Dirty Instrumental Swaga Ent.
Oseeola - Street Wear.zip Clean Dirty Instrumental Acapella Frontstreet
Ludacris - MVP (Feat DJ Premier).zip Clean Dirty DTP/ Def Jam Bpm:85
Nygz - Policy.zip Clean Dirty Instrumental Year Round Bpm:95
N.O.R.E. - Rotate (Feat Busta Rhymes and Ron Browz).zip Clean Dirty SMC Recordings Bpm:101
DJ Mesta - Out Of Control (Feat Eno).zip Clean Acapella Megbeatz Inc. Bpm:110
DJ Brad - In Da Buildin (Prod. DJ Brad).zip Clean Dirty Instrumental Acapella Krazy Swag/Universal
Plies - Street Light (Feat Sean Garrett).zip Clean Dirty Instrumental Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic Bpm:89
T.I - I'm Illy.zip Clean Dirty Instrumental Grand Hustle/Atlantic Bpm:83
San Quinn - Rockin' Up Work.zip Clean Dirty
K. Sparks - Hip Hop.zip Main Instrumental Acapella Double Up Entertainment Bpm:63
Rasheeda - Juicy Like Peach (Feat Shawnna).zip Clean Dirty Instrumental Big Cat
Rasheeda - Boss Chick.zip Clean Dirty Instrumental Big Cat
Scott Gertner - Can We Make Love Som' Mo (Feat Chamillionaire).zip Clean Extented Remix
Selena Serrano - Don't Think (Feat Sizzla).zip Main Instrumental
Rock Da House - Wicked Wine.zip Clean Dirty Instrumental Acapella

Download The Following HERE!

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