Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Listen: Black Cotton "Don't Miss Your Flight" FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD

Yes the time has come. One of the DOPEST Indepent albums has hit the net for a FREE DOWNLOAD! Get yours now. Feel free to drop them a line at their MYSPACE!

Black Cotton's "Don't Miss Your Flight" ALBUM (March 2008)
1. Wake Up Intro
2. Superstars
3. So Lavish ft. Strong
4. Flight
5. The Way ft. K-Shea
6. Tonight ft. NeeZee
7. Show Me What
8. Hip-Hop Love ft. Brian CarloSinatra
9. Radio
10. You Know It
11. Ahh, Ahh, Ahh
12. Dance Lessons
13. Black Cotton Candy
14. Last Call
15. Walk The Line ft. Latanya Lockett
16. I.Y.I.F-L-Y
17. White Beans Outro

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