Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Watch: Jay-Z - Roc Boys

Shout out to the lil Look A Like Jay-Z in this video, remember he did that Jay-Z remix vidoe (HERE).

Everyone and their mom in here, Diddy, Mimi, Nas, that NY Jets ball player, I think Larry Johnson, Cassie, Jay's nephew (Club scene), The Broad Street Bully, Just Blaze, Philly Freeza, OH MY GOD KISS IS THROWING UP THE ROC (I guess rumors are fact, Jadakiss is signed to the ROC by the way), Zabjudah, Irv, and many more. Damn Ace of Spade did that say $800.00 WOW! (They shot it at 40/40 by the way! The vegas one will be opening Dec. 30th of this year. GUESS WHO GOT An INVITE, thanks Shannon Peezy is there!)
Video has a GREAT ENDING! Hov!

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